Christmas ‘After Party’ Slice

Now, I’m not sure if you’re anything like me after Christmas, but I always end up having a surplus of chocolate and biscuits, primarily shortbread that I just cannot be bothered eating. Yes, that’s right, cannot be bothered eating….

I thought I should mention, my mother in law makes that best shortbread, so the stuff she gives us for Christmas is pretty much eaten before we bring in the New Year. That was a subtle hint for her to feel free to make more at any time.

This is an easy, throw together type of recipe using a lot of your leftovers that are sitting quietly in the pantry. But please bear in mind, it is super rich!!


250g biscuits, chopped (I used a combination of butter shortbread and cranberry white chocolate biscuits

100g nuts, chopped (I used plain walnuts)

⅓ cup cream

450g chocolate (I used a combination of dark, milk and some truffles!)

130g butter

¼ tsp salt


1. Roughly chop your biscuits and nuts and pop them into a mixing bowl.


2. Place chocolate, cream, butter and salt into a small saucepan and melt over a low heat.


3. Once completely melted and smooth, add ¾ of the mixture to the biscuits and nuts and stir through until all is evenly coated.


4. Pour the biscuit mix into a lined tray and distribute evenly, then pour the remaining chocolate mix over the top. Tap the tray a couple of times to help get rid of the bubbles.


5. Pop slice into the fridge for a few hours until set. Then cut into whatever shapes and sizes you like.


So tell me, what is it that you make with your Christmas leftovers?


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