Family Traditions

I don’t want to boast, but did you know that my ancestors from my mother’s side invented Lasagna? I’m sure you didn’t know this, otherwise that would be kind of creepy, and somewhat stalkerish.

My cousin Paul decided to delve into our family tree a number of years ago, and discovered that we did create Garfield’s favourite dish! So really, I’m basically a celebrity….

Now, I do believe that there is no right or wrong way to make lasagna, and that it is about adding in whatever you like. My mother adds chopped boiled eggs and peas to it, whilst my dad adds ham to it. Personally, I like all 3! My husband likes a more simple version, so I’ve simplified it greatly to suit his palate. In the below case, I omitted onion and chilli flakes as I’m donating some to the in-laws and they’re not friends with those two ingredients.

I don’t really have a recipe to share, as I don’t measure anything. I pretty much wing it, and it seems to work out for me. Below are the basic ingredients I generally use:

  • Pork mince
  • Onion
  • Ham
  • Wine
  • Tomato paste
  • Tomato passata
  • Salt, pepper and chilli flakes
  • Grated cheese (I use pizza cheese)
  • Pasta sheets (I use Latina lasagna sheets)

1. Basically, you brown off the pork, onion and ham. Once all the liquid has evaporated, add in some wine of choice and let that completely evaporate too.


2. Add in some tomato paste and cook that off a bit, then add in the passata. In following my mothers tradition, half fill the passata bottles with water to rinse out the remaining goodness into the pot. Then add seasoning.


3. Allow the sauce to slowly simmer away for several hours…. yes, several. Sorry!


4. Once sauce is about half its original amount, check seasoning and adjust accordingly.

5. Now the fun starts. Let the layering begin!

6. Always start with a decent layer of sauce, then pasta, then sauce, then cheese.


7. Repeat this process until your dish is filled to the brim with layers of goodness.


8. Put into the oven for as long as it needs it. Enjoy!


So tell me, do you have any traditions that you follow, or ones that you didn’t like, but feel that you must follow? Not necessarily lasagna related!


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